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7 Ways to convert your customers into advocate

7 Ways to convert your customers into advocate

A single purchase cannot guarantee the success of your brand, it’s the lifetime value that customer has to offer does. Brand advocates are the one who genuinely loves your brand and spread the word about it. It’s simply because they feel happy with the purchase or experience and want to share it.

While not everyone who buys your product will become loyal to your brand, they still have the potential to become your advocates. There is some gesture they can do to advocate for your business. From following your official Instagram account to giving reviews and referrals. This means that virtually anyone who comes to your site can be your advocate.

It’s not going to be a million advocates overnight, but you can still give more value to build a great relationship with your customers. Before you know it, you’ll have people lining to spread the word about your brand.

To grow your business, you will need to acquire new customers. That’s why you need to turn your customers into advocates. Because your advocates will help introduce you to new customers. Advocates simply tell others about their positive experiences. 80% of your future revenue comes from as little as 20% of your existing customers. 92% of consumers trust brand advocates.

Convinced yet of how influential advocates are? Keep reading to learn how to convert your customers into advocates.

      • Always make sure your customer comes first and offer excellent customer service.

        It’s not about rolling a red carpet everytime your customers visit the store. It’s simply about being helpful when they need help or have questions about your product. It about builds your customers confident to buy your product and know where to go if anything unexpected happened.
      • Ask for feedback
        Fantastic customer services will go hand in hand with this. Let the customers tell their opinion. There’s no one better to give insight about your business than your own customer. Gather all the insight by implementing Ratings, Reviews, Q&A, even send them an email asking them to share their purchase experience. Once you get that insight, act on them.
      • Surprise and delight your customers
        Nothing beats the feeling of being rewarded for just being yourselves. Let’s say you never offered incentive or reward for sharing your blog articles. Surprise and delight mean that you might need to reward your customers because they click share on your article simply because they love it. You could give them free shipping, a discount on their next purchase, or give them loyalty points. It doesn’t really matter what you give them, to make them feel special and connected is the key.
      • Be helpful: educate and inform
        Don’t try to force sales at every opportunity you had. Start producing some material that does not just focus on your marketing, but also knowledgeable and helpful for your customer. Have something more to offer shows that you’re not just after their money.
      • Personalized their experience
        By learning your customer profiles, you can determine which consumer fits what products and your marketing efforts. Offer them products related to their recent buy would be a good start. And since we all like to feel special, creating personalized experience shows that you know how special they are for your brand.
      • Offer a referral program
        Existing customer’s networks are filled with a lot of potential customers whose not yet exposed to your marketing and campaign. This potential has a better chance to become your advocates. Customers referred by other customers have a 37% higher retention rate, and are 18% more loyal than customers acquired by other means. Creating a Refer a Friend program will give your loyal customers the opportunity to advocate your brand. While on the other hand, you can also reward the new customer for making the first purchase. Everybody wins, everybody would want to advocate your brand.
      • Enhanced your Loyalty Program to Advocate Marketing
        When it comes to relationships between brands and consumers, there’s a lot more than simply offering discounts on purchases. “Loyal” customers didn’t just grow overnight and you need to maintain that relationship well.
        A Loyalty program enhanced with Advocate Marketing solutions has everything you need to engage with customers across all touchpoints.

        Reward them for completing traditional actions such as purchasing, also reward them for taking social actions such as referring friends, write reviews, or simply like and share your social media content. An enhanced Loyalty Program adds quality to the relationship between you and your loyal customers, ultimately turning them into advocates.