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242 Wythe Ave #4, Brooklyn, NY 11249

The voice of your customer is far more powerful
and believable than most marketing platforms.

About Us

What is TADA

TADA is an Advocacy Engagement Platform that helps businesses move from transactions to relationships, from customers to advocates. Our platform is designed specifically to capitalize on the power of word-of-mouth recommendations and personal relationships to build your brand, business, and revenue stream.

TADA Career

Our Mission

To help businesses move from transactions to relationships, from customers to advocates. We believe a business will prosper when closer relationships are formed between their key stakeholders and managed in a sustainable way that creates a win-win scenario for all.

Our Vision

To create a truly-global product. Truly global meaning that a bakery in Argentina can use us, an ice cream shop in Malaysia can use us, a multi-national bank in Jakarta can use us and so on … I think you get the idea!

Client Story


"TADA has given us the ability to reach and engage our customers in entirely new ways. And the collaboration has also allowed us to learn new things that we don't usually pick up within our own industry."

Wahyu Qurnia, Head of Retail Analytics & Business Performance

Sour Sally

"TADA's analytics platform was able to provide valuable insights that helped us improve on customer relationships, and help increase their return rate".

Edwin Gunawan, Head of Brand.
@Sour Sally

NMW - Lifestyle Clinic

"TADA's new digital platform is a much better solution that the previous stamp and card model of the past. Our clients are more active and engaged, and we are able to be more versatile with our marketing activities".

Theodorus Dhaniel, Director of Marketing

Tanamera Coffee

"With TADA's marketing platfom, we are able to analyse our customer data and provide more suitable and targeted programs".

George Purba, Digital Marketing Manager

We can analyze our customer better and able to make good programs that are suitable for our customer because TADA support us. Not only that we can even do cross program with other brand that enhance the loyalty program. Meet with TADA team first, their product’s knowledge is superb and willing to give solutions. After working with them, we can assure you that their supports are excellence! I can tell you that anything is possible with TADA.

George Purba
George Purba
@Digital Marketing Manager - Tanamera Coffee

Key Person Behind TADA

Managing Director
Antonius Taufan

Passionate about building sustainable, high-impact business. Obsessed with books, adrenaline junkie.

Picture by DealStreetAsia
Chin Chao

15 years of exp. in the venture capital & venture debt industries: entrepreneurship, company building, business ops & strategy.

Luke Roush, Picture owned by Sovereign's Capital
Luke Roush

A leader who enjoys working with a bright, highly motivated team to solve problems and create value.

Picture owned by Finch Capital
Hans de Back

Has over 13 years of intl. entrepreneurial exp. across multiple high-tech industries: mobile, advertising, gaming, social media.

Picture taken from David's Private Collection
David Tjokrorahardjo

A leadership coach, a communicator of ideas, a multi-national entrepreneur, and an investor.