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Customer Advocacy

Turn Your Members to Advocates!

Unlike influencers, Brand Advocates don’t have to be someone famous with gigantic social media followers. They can be anyone who happens to love your brand or product. Simply put, Brand Advocates (also known as customer advocates) are people who invest their time and reputation to support and promote your brand.

They’re your biggest fans and they want to be a part of your brand for reasons ranging from a love of free coffee to their efforts to build their own personal (or professional) branding.

The best part? Your brand likely already has potential advocates—you just need to find them and activate their potential.

Establish a strong Relationship

Start in the obvious places, turn your Customers become your Members first! People who say positive things about you on social are satisfied with support. Our platform helps you recruit your member and turn them to be your Advocate. You can start with Customers who have high NPS, which means they’d be likely to recommend your brand to others.

Simple, Easy, and Fun Advocate Experience!

Start with simple, easy-to-do activities so they can flex their advocacy muscle. Provide a mix of tasks, education, and a fun challenges—like photo caption contests or trivia challenges—for your Brand Advocates to engage with. We enable your Customer to referring their friends, writing a product review, or sharing photo, video, and articles through their social media.

Recognize & Rewards

The best advocate marketing programs are beneficial for both your brand and your advocates—not just one-sided takeaway. Find ways to recognize folks who are already advocates. Say THANK YOU. Surprise and delight with small tokens of appreciation.