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Employee Advocacy

Turn Your Team Into Your Biggest Supporters!

Employee advocacy refers to the promotion of an organization by its workforce. Employees’ social posts generate eight times more engagement than posts from their employers. TADA helps you implement an advocacy program to encourage employee social sharing and raise brand awareness. TADA unites your company and third-party social media in one platform, allowing employees to easily browse and quickly share with their networks.

Improve Internal Communication and Amplify!

TADA ensures that your workforce feels informed and invested in their work through daily communications that increases employee engagement and productivity. Plus, get your employees to share articles from your blog, pictures around the office or other types of content can significantly improve your reach.

Tap into Social Recruiting!

Leverage your employees’ social networks to connect with a more trusted and qualified candidate pool. Grow your employer brand and communicate important job openings or new positions, then recognize the employees who are generating an increase in referral applicants through their social connections.
TADA increases the reach and overall effectiveness of your recruiting efforts by making it easy for employees to share HR-curated content and hiring updates on social.

Recognize their work

People crave recognition. Taking the time to recognize employees who perform well can also be extremely beneficial for business. TADA also provide an exciting rewards & recognition program for your company. Or, you can easily start an “employee of the month” program by conduct a mini survey among your employees. 72% of businesses said recognition given for high performers within a workplace had a significant impact on employee engagement.